6 Aug 2016

bresil: musique indienne (xingu) (1956)

1 - andové
2 - jeu de deux flute de pan
3 - awarau
4 - concert de deux flutes-a-bloc
5 - kwahalalu (chant de une masque)
6 - ihaha (choeur de femmes)
7 - eremonies de l'octroi du nom
8 - eremonies de l'octroi du nom
9 - kurukango (fete de la recolte)
10 - kozo-kozi (dance des singes)
11 - kurukango
12 - fete des mortes
13 - fete des mortes

liner notes included



  1. Hi, Links is not working, could you please re up it? Thanks

  2. i somehow missed this one
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  3. thank u and yes i had figured out the piano search. that is a fun way to explore your site ast well

  4. Hi. Thank you for all the re-ups. I do not say 'Thanks' on every album I download (far from it), but please know your work here is a great credit to humanity. What a chance for us to hear all of this wonderful music that we'd never have a change to otherwise. I compile many of my favorite songs from these albums to make mixes for my friend's Tiki bar in China. People constantly praise the music. It's great to share this stuff with as many people as possible. Great work.

  5. thank you and yes that was my intention: to fight the oblivion

  6. Oo what a lovely goodies in here !!!
    Thank you ever so much :-)
    Your Antonio MachinI'm DLing a lot these days and enjoying "your" music a lot....