1 Aug 2015

chants et danses d'amerique centrale

EP 7" 33 rpm

1 - fiesta en guanacaste (costa rica)
2 - tininisca (honduras)
3 - fiesta en guanacaste
4 - baile de mascaras (honduras)
5 - sinceridad (costa rica)
6 - tambours caraibes
7 - chant de costa rica
8 - purapayaska
9 - non tule (panama)
10 - el torito (costa rica)



  1. thank you thank you. this looks amazing.
    on the listening front i am really enjoying the haitian piano recording. amazing.
    i had been listening to alot of ragtime and stride etc and this is the perfect
    companion. any other recommendations of great carribean ((sp)) piano music?
    thanks robert

  2. type 'piano' in the little searchbox in the upperleft corner of this blog and you will get the results from this page...